HDDHackr: A Tutorial

Spare SATA and ATA ports
WD Drive
Partition 2 of another Hard Drive (I will provide this when I upload it)
A Brain
Screwdrivers to put the drive in the XBox HDD Casing after you’re done.

So, you’re going to need to buy a Western Digital HDD which can be up to 250GB (you can go bigger, but there’s no point as the max you can go is 250GB with the XBox’s Hard Drive Security Sectors). You can use most WD drives, BEVT, BPVT, BEVS are my reccomendations

Now you’ll also need teh HDDSS files, MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service, this link contains all the HDD Security Sectors, extract the one corresponding to the one you wanna use

Next you’re going to have to download HDDHackr 1.24 at http://www.one-winged-angelz.eu/XBOX360/Apps/HddHackr/HddHackr_v1.24_Build_20100904.rar (Stole the link from a thread here HDDHackr v1.24 Build 20100904, contains a bit more info on how to prep)

Now you need a floppy disc or USB Bootable Drive, I decided to use a floppy disk because it’s a million times easier, so I went here http://www.allbootdisks.com/downloads/Disks/MS-DOS_Boot_Disk_Download47/Automatic%20Boot%20Disk/Dos6.22.exe and just plugged in my floppy, or for a USB (which NEVER worked for me) you plug in a USB and download this http://www.one-winged-angelz.eu/XBOX360/Apps/Bootable_USB_Drive_Creator_Tool.rar to create a DOS image.

Once you’ve done that you want to put HDDHackr.exe and the HDDSS.bin on the USB/Floppy drive and disconnect your hard drive from your computer and put in the WD drive (will post pictures of setup at a later date) and then, boot into DOS.

Here’s where the magic happens
Run HDDHackr.exe by typing HDDHackr.exe or you might need to go to the location of your HDDHackr, so type CD and then the drive it is in followed by :\ (e.g A:)

It should come up with a screen asking for which port your drive is connected to, it should say “WD_____BEVT” etc. Type the port that that is in. Mine always seemed to be 4.

Now, it should ask you to type the file name of the HDDSS.bin, so just type HDDSS.bin or whatever you’ve named it as. It should also ask for an “UNDO.bin” so create that incase you ever want to turn it back into a normal laptop HDD.

Create Partitions 0/2/3 and it should prepare the drive and ask you to turn off your computer and leave it off for 10 seconds. Do this, Properly turn it off for 10 seconds. Now turn on your computer and it should appear as a Hitachi drive! This means you have done it right.

Now you’re going to want to put it in your old HDD case right? Well, I’ve found a video for you
YouTube - How To Open Xbox 360 HDD/Hard Drive

It’s funny because the WD drive seems to fit easier than the old drive in there.
Anyway, once you’re done, format it on the XBox. And you’re done!