HDMI Questions | Xbox One/ Xbox 360

I have some questions about HDMI’s for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. The reason being is that I am planning on hooking up my cable box to my Xbox One, and I also want to start using an HDMI for my 360.

  1. Do retail stores such as Walmart, Gamestop, Best-Buy, ect. sell the “Xbox One official HDMI cable”, like the one that comes in the box?

  2. Will any HDMI that will work on a 360 also work on an X1?

  3. Will using an HDMI make games that previously only played in Widescreen now play in Fullscreen?

  4. Can I get some recommendations as to what kind of HDMI to get?

Thanks in Advance! :thumbsup:

Just buy any old HDMI cable from a site like Amazon. They are way cheaper then in retail stores and they all do about the same thing(except the newer HDMi version which Xbox doesn’t need).

The cables don’t control what setting your Xbox uses(widescreenetc)…

A HDMI cable is an HDMI cable, they all do the same thing.

Errr not really

For the issue he is dealing with any normal HDMI cable will work.

err really, they are almost all the same performance wise.

keyword “almost”

Yea, as in you wont notice any differences…

Thanks I guess. Though I must say, and I’m not trying to disrespect in any form or fashion, but I’ve seen countless times where a Member has made a tiny mistake and the result of that is a Moderator, Horizon Pro, and sometimes even an Epic calling them out and making them look stupid and as a result the tread turns into a back and forth argument until it is inevitably closed or removed by an Administrator or a Developer that has some sense. Just sayin’…

No one called anyone out or was disrespectful. If someone posts something disputing what another member says then anyone can feel free to correct them imo.

It is simple, all HDMI cables will work, atleast the newer ones will, but you won’t notice any difference in quality. How do I know? Well I got the Xbox One with the HDMI cable and I seen how the quality looked, then I used an old HDMI cable and it looked the same.

Just to be clear though, if you plan on using HDMI for other things, you might want to consider ensuring it’s HDMI v1.4. Using older ones will limit its throughput capabilities. While branding doesn’t particularly matter, this imo does. Your call.