Health question

Any way i eat pretty regularly kinda healthly doc says, nothing high on the charts.just obese. Doc wonders why, lol. Anyway today after eating while standing up i started feeling my heart race and sweat. Sit down and aint something with peanut butter in it, reese’s and now feel fine. This is the third time and only happens about once a month.
Any idea’s. 230Lbs, 5’7, 26 yrs old

Well i advice you to go to a cardiology doc asap, watch for your pulse, i understand that is strange for coresterol to increase heart beat, unless you havent check it in a long time. Also about your pulse yours could be a little more hight compared to whats considered normal, but must not be more than 100.
Do you feel dizzy or feel exausted too when it happens?

edit: well not asap, but when you can


This seems like a better question for a doctor, not a community centred around gaming…

I am talking about a real doctor and not one of those Web MD things.


@SprayPrey Yeah, dizzy where i sit down or I’ll dry heave though i can’t throw up.
but i don’t think its nausea.

@Hawk, I understand this is a gaming community, this wasn’t ergent just wanted to make sure it wasn’t serious as i just got an ear infection cleared up and didn’t want to spend money i don’t have. 125 dollars total for visit and prescription. Yeah. ~:(

Potential diabetic? Might have been low blood sugar?
WebMD-ish diagnosis here - maybe you have a clogged artery?

Anywho, I would still go to the doctor even if it’s $125. Better $125 for a precaution, rather than $1000+ if something serious happens later.


Having “dizziness” adds to the list of reasons why you should check a doc, being the third time it happens in this short amount of time, but yea, money is a bitch and sometimes the best you can do till you get cash liquidity is to be careful, but even then, eating something that might look healthier could be the same as nothing. (happened to me once, i drank milk and ended up more sick).
Avoid foods with fat and choresterol thats for sure.

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Yeah. I’m guessing either diabetes or anemic but wouldn’t a doctor who runs a test that tells you all your vitals are good, just high blood pressure would tell you if you were anemic or etc. But then other days its good and other day its high, but only the bottom number. I’ve been monitoring it myself, if i cut caffeine down the bottom raises but if i have too much soda, they both are up.
Avg around 128/98.

Anyway i guess go ask my dad for some more help tomorrow, ugh…

@SprayPrey Yeah I’ll get some apples, and some veggies, try them for a week if nothing cured or worsens, I’ll def. See a doc.

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I don’t want to make this a worse issue than whatever it is, or scare you, but any issues with your heart are pretty serious. Like he said, go to a doctor if you have problems.

Don’t go online. Barring the fact that this site is for gaming and modding, don’t bother with like WebMD or any website similar. See someone in person.


It definitely sounds like it could be possible diabetes or something about blood sugars or even blood pressure. You should go to a doctor ASAP.


Yeah, I’ll end up going soon. But all information helps. Thank you all. Just because you all are gamers doesn’t mean you aren’t smart, some guy lied about his age in skyrim and completed high school at age 15, so I ignore any down trod to yourselfs as i’m a fellow gamer|modder myself or was

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I get it kinda, but like @killah4eva said better to spend a bit now to possibly avoid a much larger cost down the road. Also I only kinda get it because I’m in Canada…

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If you were sitting then stood up and this happened, that is orthostatic hypotension. Which is pretty normal if it doesn’t happen often. If you were standing and this happened while you started eating and only happens while eating, i wouldn’t say it is something serious. But if it is happening when you stand - often - then that is very serious.

I get the impression you live a sedentary life and this type of thing is pretty common, the heart like any muscle gets weak from no exercise and can get stressed out from even normal activities especially when you have extra weight so it has to strain hard to pump. There is all this fuss over eating healthy but i think exercise is something that is more important than what you eat.

If you do exercise and are active then what you’re experiencing is very serious and you should check up with a doctor. Ditch your old one if he said everything is okay and this happened and get a new one, most doctors just care about money and don’t really listen to what the patient says.

Of course a doctor’s opinion matters more than any of us here so if you can afford, check out with one as soon as possible. Heart is called the silent killer because you don’t know if something serious is wrong or not. There are a ■■■■ ton of problems that can happen to heart and its valves than just hypertension and only a doc can find them out.


Actually Its weird, I’m sedentary in winter and very active in spring to fall. I love heat. Lol. So winter i gain roughly 20 lbs and lose the rest in summer. Been like this every year for 20 yrs.