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Hearts of Iron IV Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Well I can’t say for certain that he’s not getting an error code. My message is from my experience and observation.

none of the cheats I used worked and I tried all of them I think the only one that worked was the fast movement cheat

Oh ok. I thought it was infinity. @STiNGERR needs to update the trainer.

Trainer updated!

Hi, can you guys please update to the new version, thanks.

What is not working?
I saw that the game had an update today but can’t check what options are not working anymore.

You hear the sound when you activate the cheat, but it doesn’t work.

Aight. Seems like the update indeed switched some things up :smiley:
@STiNGERR Could you have a look at it please? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the support.

@Grandleitao i am working on it

Ok thanks for answering me.

It’s on update 1.3.3 now

Updates come quick and fast with Paradox games :frowning:

Stingerr is aware that the trainer needs an update. Was said when the patch came out.

Yup, sorry for the delay, they have changed alot in game code and its like making the trainer from scratch. updated trainer will be pushed today

@Grandleitao @DavidSwifty Trainer updated! Everything works

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Thanks I really appreciate

not trying to be annoying or anything, but whenever i use unlimited resources it never gives me unlimited resources, the warning sign that i have low resources pops up at the top and it says that i am negative in resources when i want to have a big tank army, i dont know if there is a secret button that actually activates the infinite resource cheat besides from the CTRL+Numpad 2 button which should be doing it, but its not, please help

Seems like trainer notes are not implemented in Infinity v3.

You have to switch to the overlay that shows you where ressources are and click on every province you own that has some. It will set the number to 999

the unlimited resources worked thanks, but unlimited supplies isn’t doing the same thing (like giving me the number 999 under the gas can symbols in the states)
edit: the cheat doesn’t give me unlimited rubber

For unlimited supplies you have to go to the logistics screen if I’m correct.