Hearts of Iron IV Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Does Iron man console work? when I use it the game crash’s.

The cheats should work. However, specific cheats turn on does work, but as soon as they are turn off, the game crashes. Political power, command power and xp work fine, however the cheats such as god mode or instant movement will crash the game the second they are turn off again.

The cheat that allows the console works, but several console commands will crash the game instantly, as they conflict with the Ironman setting. Here are some of the codes that will cause an instant crash.
1: focus.ignoreprerequisites
2: focus.nochecks
3: focus.autocomplete

These are what I’ve tried to use, as I wanted to unlock more sides of focus trees - at least these causes crashes for me. So avoid using these cheat codes while in Ironman mode until the WeMod staff says they can be used.


agency.autocomplete - is another that will crash the game as well

I would kill for this cheat