Hearts of Iron IV Cheats and Trainer for Steam

if you use any one of the cheats on the menu it causes the election issue.


i dont if it just me but when i use the Super Factory Limit option i get the effect but if i leave the menu for what ever reason all the slots empty other then those i had before using it. is this a bug or am i doing it wrong? i have to go back into the menu either add or remove dock yards even factories for it to get the effect, i play with mods, so dont know if those could be causing the problems, but i also remember having this problem without mods. any help with this or a answer to why this happens would be great.

Too add to this, after some testing it only occurs whenever you make changes to the window where you can select advisers or when you try to change your corps selections modifiers reguardless of what mods are installed. also when ever you take a nations factories or ports or have any ships healed it deactivies tell you click on a factory or dockyard spot

The “Instant Agency Construction” Funtion is not functioning properly now.

Please update the menu.

So does this Mod still work? i cant get it to load into the game.

Election bugs still exists have political power set to 0 and yet every game day i get pop ups about election results

i think the cheats might not work on volunteers

Everything works as of Sep 3rd but it would be nice to switch the “set” controls back to the “On-Off” controls. PP is so annoying without just being unlimited.
Thanks for all your work.

Idk bout the rest of you, I just use the 22.2.23 version of the trainer, sure you don’t get any of the agency options but I don’t get the election PP glitch either.

I’m gonna try this and if you are right you will be my new best friend :rofl:

I cannot seem to get anything like Alt F3 and so forth to work at all. Just will not. Lol.

My game wont load. WeMod works for Far Cry 6 but every other game I have tried it has not worked. Please help.