Hearts of Iron IV Cheats and Trainer for Steam

unfortunately, unlimited resources crashes the game, at least in ironman mode. console works in ironman though.

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No, it keeps crashing my game. I’ve tried everything: mods, no mods and still it isn’t working. And it is definitely Unlimited Resources the problem, as it has been stated for weeks here.


So i have had a test where last night i was able to launch the game and activate the mod at the same time with no crashes overnight it seems to have changed, now i have to load the game, load the save and enter the game world and then activate WEMOD and it seems so far to run, only problem that i can see is the same old political power bug even with it set to 0 it cancels free elections, that paticualr bug and the US election never existed to my memory when it was a simple off and on switch something maybe to consider. This was done on a Kaiserreich Dominion Of Canada play.

unlimited resources still crashes the game, ironman,different ways of starting the game and trainer.what are we doing wrong?

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not working

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The game crashes at startup after the latest update. Anyone else having this problem?

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if i use instant research as a subject state (like manchukuo) will my overlord inherit the technological progress from me?

launch the game first , choose your country and when you are on the map launch the trainer, the game don’t crash when i do that

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Still crashes

For some reason “Instant Railroads” is also causing “Fast Production” to enable - thousands of submarines were created by accident trying to build the trans-siberian railway for my Norway playthrough

so the game is still crashing when I tried this, even tried to let the game run for a month before bringing up the cheat menu, starting it, let it play for another day or two but when I activate cheats, crashed…


try without Unlimited Resources, i crash everytime i turn it on

the game crashes right after you unpause the game, if you activated unlimited resources
then paradox crash reporter launches itself and shows that the crash is about 26,6 mb


I am also getting a consistent crashing problem when I load the unlimited resource cheat. I really love that cheat because it can make it alot easier to play as a minor without destroying your economy.

For me the game also crashes after unpausing the game

Yeah, me too, when fix?

So I just want to see if anyone in here would be able to help me, but my game crashes in singleplayer mode whenever I use WeMods. So if there is anyone here who might be able to lend a hand to fix it, I will be ever so grateful!

The only ‘fix’ thus far is to not use the Unlimited Resources cheat.

what version of hoi4 does it use?
i cant figure it out