i have desync in multiplayer when i use my trianer

It’s made for single player :smile:

but why on single player? There are many of mods for the single player. Trainers are for cheating in multiplayer

False. Trainers are only built for single player.

Quote of myself from another thread, to save me typing it all over again:

And a post from our official support website: Does WeMod support Multiplayer? - WeMod Support.

Cheating online requires hacks, not trainers - these are not the same thing. WeMod will never provide hacks because it is a legitimate business that doesn’t plan to be sued by several major multi-billion dollar corporations.

Yes some games do have built-in cheats, or allow official community modding which can sometimes be considered cheating. But using them will disable the ability to earn trophies or achievements. And sometimes nowadays you’re also tagged as a cheater next to your username for others to see. Whereas the use of trainers does not do either of these.