Hearts of Iron IV - Windows Store Edition

I’m trying to use the trainer with HOI4 but it keeps opening my steam version instead… Windows blocks anything from launching the game from the base .exe file. Any work arounds??


I know there isn’t an official trainer for this version but its literally almost the same as the steam version and I have used another trainer that was meant for steam but worked on this version. Like is there anyway to activate the trainer without it trying to launch the game?

Since Windows store games can’t manually be linked you can only use it with Steam.

I too would like a Game Pass version of this Trainer.

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You’ll need to vote for it via the WeMod desktop app. https://www.wemod.com/cheats/hearts-of-iron-iv-microsoft-store-edition-trainers

Unfortunately, Windows/Microsoft Store (aka Xbox Gamepass) is not a very popular platform with the wider gaming community, which is likely why a trainer doesn’t already exist currently.
Personally I’d advise seeking a refund from Microsoft and repurchasing the game on Steam.