Heelp Pls ;-;

Im Trying to Put a Gamesave But when i open The Package manager Shows unknown Profile i click on Change and show no
Profiles Found and other problem all Pastes show “No Content” i Need Help Quickly ;-;

You need to configure your flash drive before transferring content.

Its already configurated its an HD 500 gb i use 450 gb for Games,Musics Etc and 50 gb for saves,profiles and other.

The xbox cannot configure an HDD to use 500 GB. I think the largest xbox 360 HDD is 320gb and you need to write the security sectors and what not to your new HDD for it to work properly otherwise only some small amount(I think 32gb) is usable. For profiles to show up there they either had to be previously used or added to the list which I believe is what the manage button is for.