Hello all experienced Wemodders!

Hello everyone! My name is Kim and I am totally new here and are super suprised i haven’t come by this awesome community before. I am a long time cheater and gamer and enjoy every bit of it. I will most definitely stay here for a long time!

Thank you for your time and I hope i see you around the forums :smiley:


Yepp welcome to wemod. Glad you finally found us. Ya great place here and lot of friendly people and help. Just post if you need anything. !


Welcome to the community @Kimpabooi. It’s great having you here. :slight_smile:

What are your favourite games?

@Ravenfyre It varies from time to time, but right now i’m really into RTS games in all of it’s figures. How about you? :smiley:


RTS (Age of Empires), open-world RPGs (Elder Scrolls/Fallout) and horror are my go-to’s these days.

Do you have a favourite computer game character, then?

Not really, i just enjoy the character overall in all of the Assassins Creed games. I like the stories and the concept, in that wasy they make the character awesome. If i’m gonna pick one special out of the series it’s Kassandra from the Odyssey :smiley: