Hello all, nice to be here

Hello all, nice to meet You all.
I love Your software and the job You do with all trainers.
Gaming now it’s more fun after you finish it properly then you can have more fun next time with it :slight_smile:
53 y o from poland, and still gaming, I started my journey with games from commodore 16 and still playing



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Welcome to the community, nice having you here! :slight_smile:

What are your top 3 favourite games of all time?

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hm top 3 this is hard bikos as single player i got a lot cannot pick 3
for multiplayer i can select 4 i did spend thousand of hours ;p

top 4 multi with i did spend shi… loud of hours.
-America’s Army started from 1.2v and finished on 2.8.5v until they didn’t switch it off so years of play
-Battlefield 1942 all versions and mods up to Battlefield 3
So i did play for many years and did spend shi… loud of hours in them.

Single player to many good games to pick top 3, bat games i did spend most hours of my life:
Read Alert each version, Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun each version, StarCraft each version, Warhammer 40k Down of War each version, Total War series: SHOGUN, Medieval, Rome, Warhammer each version , from first Call of Duty each version up to Black Ops, Metro each version, Ring Of Elysium multi, Crysis each version, Medal of Honor each version, Assassin Creead series, Farcrye 1-2-3-4, Half-Life HF: Opposing Force and Blue Shift
Those are games i did spend most time of my life with