Hello and thank you WeMod team!

I was reading over the forum to see if I could learn about a “Breathedge” update. Wow gotta say you guys put up with some crap. I have been using trainers since 1994 and use cheat engine on my own when no one else has made a trainer for a game.

I’m not even sure how many of you are working on the site and trainer updates, but it is easy to see you have put a ton of work into this. I really hope it pays off in the ways you were hoping for. You guys have made the best program\trainer in gaming history! I know I’ve been alive and playing since Pong!

One trainer that covers all games, doesn’t set off security warnings, updates itself, and scans your game folders for you. It may be so easy for the user that some people can’t appreciate the work going on behind the scene.

I love the work you guys have done and after a little reading tonight, realize you probably don’t hear that enough.

Great work guys!

P.S. For Ravenfyre:

Three best games of all time? That may be an impossible question but I’m going with the three that brought me the most hours of feel-good time.

Diablo - First online gaming for me 1994-95 I think.

Grand theft auto – All of them

7 days to die - Have over 2500 hrs on it. The most enjoyment for the least money ever in my life real or digital.


Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

It’s great having you here. And thanks for supporting WeMod’s development and maintenance by going Pro, we appreciate it.

It’s just the impatient and self-entitled spoilt types who mostly post things like that. The majority of the community are very supportive. Sometimes those with the most negative voices seem to speak the loudest - but in reality they’re actually a very small minority conforming with each other in order to try to fit in.

Our three trainer developers (@MrAntiFun, @STiNGERR & @FLiNG) release updates as quickly as they humanly can, depending on the popularity of the game within the community. Here are a list of WeMod’s other staff, if you’re interested: About - WeMod Community. :slight_smile:

Thank you for all of your kind words. I’m glad you enjoy using WeMod and find it easy to use. We have @frank, WeMod’s lead developer and co-founder, to thank for how easy WeMod us to use. He’s awesome.
I too have been gaming for some time and I agree that WeMod is the best trainer program I have ever experienced. That’s why I stuck around.

I’m sure you’ll continue to enjoy using WeMod for many years to come.

Sounds like you enjoy open-world type games? Good choice there :fist_right: :fist_left:


Thank you for the kind words! It’s true that the work we do behinds the scenes isn’t often recognized, but that’s what makes it special in a way. People shouldn’t have to know how WeMod works–they just need to know that it does work.

@Ravenfyre pretty much summed up the team:

  • 3 talented cheat @creators
  • @Chris and @Instinct doing a large chunk of the behind the scenes non-development work. Not to mention putting up with my erratic development workflow.
  • @ptondo and @Ravenfyre helping out the community on the forum and Discord (among other community members).
  • @MrPrecise testing out trainers when games are updated or new cheats are released.
  • Several others working on design, development, and other important aspects that keep WeMod looking fresh.
  • And, of course, co-founder @Zach :kissing_heart:

Seriously, all of these guys are incredible and deserve much recognition.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the app! Let us know if there’s anything we can improve on :+1:

P.S. Why do you hate puppies?


Good question frank. I don’t actually hate puppies. Just a name I came up with to annoy kids back when I was doing PVP in F.E.A.R. After using it for a while I realized it should remain an unused name that would identify me over the years… who else would think of hating puppies? I guess that was in 2005 when fear came out and I have only seen a similar name once in all that time. I use IHatePuppies for steam, google, and all kinds of stuff.

I could have used KittenSphincterRevealManeuver but it just doesn’t roll off the tongue as well. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: