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Hello community

Hi. Joined the community like an hour ago. I’ve been using wemod for the last couple of months and I really love it.


Welcome to the forums nice ro have you here. Any questions or comments just post !
Have fun

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Welcome to the WeMod community! It’s awesome having you here. :wave: :smiley:

What are your favourite games?

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I like to play different games. But to mention a couple I do like games like Age of Empires, a little bit of Battlefield and Call of duty, even games like the sims and simcity from time to time etc.

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Welcome to the WeMod forums!

I’m glad you’re enjoying our app!

I haven’t ever played Age of Empires but I’ve heard it’s a fun sim game :slightly_smiling_face:

If you need any help please do post here on the forums!


The Age of Empires franchise is brilliant. AOE 2 with the Conquerors expansion is probably my personal favourite from the franchise. Personally feel that it’s more strategic than AOE 1, 3 and Mythology.

Enjoy WeMod! :slight_smile:

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