Hello everyone. I love your stuff. Apologies if I sound a bit upset, rough day

Hello everyone.

I love your work, but man this site is a nightmare to navigate and it gives a lot of popups for “first time you did this” etc. Anyway, so far I’ve used your software for quite a few games. Primarily the dead space series and Ultimate Ninja Storm series. I’m trying to use it for Xenoverse 2 atm but not all of the codes work at the moment. I’ve been led to believe the good people here are already on it.

Xenoverse 2 has given me a lot of trouble lately. I have the latest update but can’t seem to get the necessary patches for modding to accept that. Tried downgrading, that didn’t work. etc. I just want to unlock all the moves without doing the same mission over and over and over etc. I think poor Frieza has had enough.

Anyway, been using your software for some time and I figured it was about time I said hi, and thanks. Wemod has been one of the best trainer softwares I’ve ever used. It makes some of the more unfair games tolerable or lets me just quickly speed through tedious things for that unlock. And I like your business model in general, free trainer but a lot of extra cool stuff if you go premium.

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Well welcome to wemod ! Ya awesome place here and also the app for free !
I’m thinking the xenoverse. Game had anticheat added to it. ( Can thank the game dev’s for that )
The trainer maker gave up on that one.
But lotsa of other game trainers work great
Got any questions dont hesitate to ask that’s why we are here !

I disabled anticheat. Planned ahead for that one. Oh well. Maybe I can scout around for other trainers for that game.

Vote for an update. It’s not abandoned.

This is why spamming the forums with no work threads instead of posting in the trainer thread can be so misleading.

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Yes sir. Hate to say but your right again !
Oh ya thanks for the update too !!

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It doesn’t really matter. Enough of the cheats work well. I wish I could get the modding to work more so. Doesn’t seem to want to. I can deal though. Plenty of other games to work with.

vote for an update. It will get updated

This place is like trade for gamers, Never gets old!