Hello everyone!

Hi! My name is Hubert, although in the internet I’m using nick Hegenox (Hegenox Maar) - formerly also DarkWanderer. I’m 31yo and I’m from Poland. Almost exclusively PC gamer, I only play on consoles when I’m visiting friends (though I never got used to pad controls). My favourite games genre is by far RPGs (and I love them all - jRPGs, action RPGs, cRPGs, soulslikes etc). When I’m not playing games I also like reading books and watching TV series (crime, psychologic, fantasy and sci-fi especially) - other hobbies doesn’t keep me for long and so I like to try out all kind of different things. Came across WeMod when I couldn’t find any working trainers from fling and mranticheat (and to my surprise I found out that they are making trainers here now!) and CheatEngine tables for a game I was playing. In recent days I was reading quite a bit of posts and I can already see that it’s great community, which I’m glad to be a part of from now on :smiley:

PS: Thank you so much for your work!


Hi welcome to wemod glad you finally found us !
Yepp watch the crime stuff on TV too.
Nut well have fun any questions or comments just post !

Welcome to WeMod. Nice to have you here.

What are your top 3 favourite RPGs?

In my life I’ve played in over 600 games (not including DLCs/expansions) and completed over 500 so narrowing only to 3 is way too hard. I may try to narrow it down to 3 per favourite (mini)genre:

jRPG: The Legend of Heroes serie, Suikoden serie (esp 1-2), Final Fantasy serie (esp 6-10)
actionRPG: MassEffect 1-3. vampire:the masquerade - bloodlines, The Witcher 1-3
cRPG: Baldurs Gate 2/Planescape Torment, Pillars of Eternity, DiscoElysium
Soulslike: all of them
racing: Need for speed: underground 1-2, Burnout Paradise, Gran Turismo 3
Adventure: Life is strange, Pathologic, The Last of Us
Horror: Silent hill 2, Outlast 1-2, Evil Within 1-2
Sandbox: gta serie, Yakuza serie, Sleeping Dogs
fighting: tekken serie, soulcalibur serie, mortal combat serie
action games: Max Payne 1-2, Crysis 1-3, Unreal Tournament

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to play any good MMORPG recently (since Lineage II) - but lately I’m mega hyped for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

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