Hello everyone

Hello, im a new diamond member to horizon (yes i bought diamond straight away) Heres a few things about me

1.I love games
2.I Like making new friends
3.I CANNOT play legit :3=\

I am 13 yrs of age and has a great life
I have skype if you want to contract me on that:) its legendsniper521
I am very nice and will take no agression/vilounce towards anyone(sorry iim not a good speller :anguished:)

Thats all i can say for now but i shall update this in the Futcher(yes i cant spell futcher)

PEACE :smile:

Welcome to HorizonMB Wolfie! Get active and you’ll enjoy it around here!

If you ever need help don’t be afraid to ask.

Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay! Also, as Steve said, don’t be afraid to ask anyone for help :smile:

Hope you enjoy Diamond!

G’day and welcome mate…
Sorry it’s a little bit late but better late than never.
Read the rules, be active and enjoy!!
If you ever need any help just ask, there’s always someone around to help you out…