Hello everyone!

I’m not really new to the program, been using it since earlier this year, and it’s made my life a lot easier in a fair number of games. Dragon’s Dogma being a major one alongside Mass Effect Andromeda.
In terms of familiarity with modding, I’ve been content modding RPGs for forever, but as far as code modding goes I’m still a bit green.

It’s a pleasure to finally meet everyone who reads this.


Yupp welcome to wemod awsome place here for cheaters !
Any questions just ask


Welcome! careful with ptondo, he is a bad influence.

ME: Andromeda got a lot of fixes and it was an abysmal change from the launch day, do you think they will release more ME games based around it?


There will never be a ME game made anymore.
ME:Andromeda was everything but what you call a success.
Seeing as they couldn’t even make a DLC anymore because of lack of money you can guess why they won’t be making ME anymore.

It’s somehow Biowares kink to do things like that.

with ME it was.
Making a Trilogy which was awesome where the second game was not as good as the first. A lot of positivity still active player base and so on.
Then they made Andromeda because the community wanted it and hit the ■■■■ bucket.

With Dragon Age:
First game glorious. DLC worth of a own game which were glorious.
Second game… Not as good but still very enjoyable (Huh… Second game not as good hmm… ME was the same hmm…)
And then they made Inquisition because the community wanted to… See where this is going?

Not saying those games are bad.
I enjoyed both of them and am on the way to replaying both of them. ME3 is nearly done I’ll move to andromeda and afterwards Dragon Age.
But don’t expect anything from Bioware in that direction for your lifetime


Me andromeda was total crap. It was nothing nass effect like.

I enjoyed me3 a lot

You say that about every game.

ME:A has its own story that’s what people don’t realise.
They think it has anything to do with the trilogy but it has not


Hello and welcome @JackvTear, it is a great community, full of helpful (and hard working) people. Like you, I discovered WeMod earlier this year, and couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve actually finished quite a few games that prior to WeMod, simply frustrated me to no end.

Pleased to meet your acquaintance!

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cheesus, i was still hoping for another ME, but after reading that my hopes are shattered

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Sorry piggy.

A bit of a bright side: Bioware is a cash cow since a ton of people love them. I doubt EA will shut them down anytime soon.

Have to say, I didn’t find a lot wrong with ME:A, it just felt like the son of the main trilogy.
Shared the likeness and some of the ideas while still being completely new.
Although I’ve gotta be honest, if the next game was just called Andromeda 2, I wouldn’t be surprised. The game stands well enough on it’s own.

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i hope so , even if its a glassy broken hope, your words acted as duct tape, i just wait i wont get cutted if it breaks again…