Hello folks, New with a?

Just stumbled upon your site while browsing around and find this a bit interesting.

My question in which you probably get asked this a lot is, If I was to edit things using your tool would it get my live account banned?
Now I know theres always a risk but I want to know how big, high, or what not is the risk?

Pease let me know as I am interested in going diamond but not paying to get my live account banned lol.

Thanks for helping the nub.

Oh yes one more thing is there any tutorials to help use this thing such as unlock acheivements, or adding games?


Welcome to the forums!

You have answered your own question really: “Now I know there’s always a risk…”. Some modifications are more noticeable and others are not. For example;- Editing your Tenure on your profile is pretty much always a ban waiting to happen, but unlocking Acheivements has always been a 50/50 chance. Some have been using our software for a long time with no repurcusions and others have started using it for a few days and are then met with a nice suspension/ban on their profile.

If your using the Acheivement Unlocker, there are things you can do to minimise your chances of being discovered but they are still not 100% guarantee methods. Making sure you unlock Achievements in the correct order and placing legitimate time-stamps on them are just a two things you can do to reduce your chances of being discovered.

As for Tutorials, see this section here… https://www.horizonmb.com/forums/125-Horizon-Tutorials

And save editing is pretty much safe.

You also have the option as stated by ‘ZzsNaKezZ’, instead of just unlocking achievements with Horizon you can also use other people’s gamesaves after you rehash and resign them to your details.
Just another fun little way of actually playing the game and still being able to unlock achievements with ease.
Just be careful that you don’t get a gamesave that has load and pop achievements as sometimes these can unlock out of order.
Do everything in moderation when you are unlocking achievements, slow and steady seems to have a better chance of winning the race.
Don’t go getting over excited and get carried away…