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Hello from ArmyOf_None / Commishanimal

Hi WeMod people.
I’m not a modder myself but wanted to thank all you modders for the great work that you do.
Would love to Mod myself but I’ve tried and come to the conclusion I don’t have the patience or I’m a bit thick…Probably the latta.
So thank you for your hard work peeps.


Hi welcome to wemod ! Ya I’m about the same when it comes to making trainers.
That’s why I just support the guys that make them and enjoy them.
Have fun any questions or comments feel free to post
Thanks for being a supporter with pro !

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Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Nice having you here. Thank you for supporting WeMod by going Pro as well, we appreciate it.

What are your top three favourite games of all time?

Thanks Ravenfyre.
Top 3 current games that I have and play…
Dragon Age Inquistion
Fifa 20

But I go through game stages, so next week it could be…
Crusader Kings 3
Heart of Iron IV
Football manager

Im very indecisive :joy: