Hello from CA!

Hey, friends. Nice to meet you all, I’m ChilliamShatner. I am SO glad I discovered WeMod.

I’ve loved tinkering with games since I was a kid: Game Genie, GameShark, you name it. Recently, I’ve been using random Cheat Engine tables; just whatever I could scrounge up. I discovered Mr. AntiFun’s site awhile back, and had been happily using his trainers. Then, when he announced his partnership with WeMod, I ended up here for the first time. I was (and still am) pretty blown away at the level of professionalism and quality here! I upgraded to pro immediately to support this awesome community.

Thanks devs for all your hard work! It is much appreciated.


Hello welcome to wemod thanks for being a pro member ! Ya awsome place around here lotta nice people and lotta help too !
Yes I used to love using game genie , game shark those where great !
And also was a great thing was mr.antifun joining forces with us !
Well have fun any questions or comments just ask !!

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I loved using gameshark as a kid, I didn’t play fair though I always used it to capture other trainers’ pokemon :laughing:

I sincerely appreciate you supporting WeMod by being a pro member :+1:

We love our community and I hope you find yourself welcome here :slightly_smiling_face: