Hello ,game! I come from east

From Luzhou, an ancient wine city in China, like to be remembered and touched. Finally, students of Sichuan Agricultural University
When I first found out that this app was downloading a mood. My first impression of wemod is amazement.
Finally, I’m very happy to be here. Maybe my English is not very good. Please understand what’s wrong
As for the game, I like the hero League best. As you can see, we have won two championships. Tell you secretly that a new team has defeated IG and FPX, which named ES.And all the games that move people to tears


Hi welcome to wemod English not too bad. Glad you found us. Nice place here
Well have fun cheating.

Thanks,you’re so friendily

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Welcome to the community, it’s nice having you here! :slight_smile:

I’m English - you write in much better English than some of the English people I know. :laughing:

Enjoy WeMod and cheating in games. Always feel free to join in discussions here in the community and also ask for help here if you need. :slight_smile:

Wow, even though it’s late at night, I can still feel your enthusiasm. Thank you. And you know it’s late. I need to go to bed, because I have a class at eight tomorrow morning.
再见咯 :laughing:今天是个美好的一天