Hello how do you make friends?

HEllo im new here. How does this work?

https://api.wemod.com/infinity/download the app to your desktop
If you have the installed games from steam should show up in installed list
Press the play button , start cheating !
If you have an antivirus you wil run into problems !

Pretty much the same way as in the real world. On our older sites before becoming WeMod we had a friends list and other extras I guess you could call them, but they were taken away, so now no more friends list. It was so easy to message your friends… now I don’t even remember who half of them were.

Ways to make Friends:
-Talk to other members.
-Help when you can.
-Ask for help when you need it.
-Share things like free game giveaway links.
-Post music you like in this topic Music: Now Playing
-Any other nice things you can think of
-Don’t call other members mean names like Cocky Head, Dumb Flek, etc… and you should be fine.

Welcome to WeMod friend! Now you have at least 1 friend here.