Hello! I have a question about Dragonballxenoverse! about adding mods

Hello fellow gamers I currently am a Novice modder, Took a crashcourse to get this far and discover all the great tools on this web page, Now currently Im running an xbox 360 and I simply want to add a mod to DB xenoverse, It all looks very simple and i have watched many videos and downloaded good software including HORIZON, so here lies my problem… I am not sure if it is possible to Add a different hair to the existing one, I want to add Leon Exodios raditz CAC hair over the current yamcha hair style In CAC creation, as many players of Dragonball Xenoverse know there is only one long hair style for the men, and it is kid gohans/Yamchas hair, Leon Exodio created an amazing mod that allows you too add raditz hair over the current default one. I am currently lost in how to do this, I know how to pull the files into 3dmax after using libxenoverse tools to covert the files using emdfxb so it will come up in the 3dmax design tool , I know i need to create it and export it to a file and repack but i am lost in all these twists and turns and I would be grateful if any Gamer/Modder would give me some advice, And i Apologize for the lengthy post.

Thanks everyone and have a good day, Lord of crows.

You can’t add unoffical content to a retail Xbox 360.

Ok thank you for clearing that up for me, So only for the pc versions will i be able to do this ? Or is there some other way? or is Editing save games really the only option?

You could buy a console that runs unsigned code, like a jtag.

excuse me sir I am an up an coming modder can teach me