Hello, I’m having a problem on Horizon, Once I have copied everything to my USB and plug it into my 360…

it says some of the content says it is corrupted!

Hello @BT_GamesMod. Does your Xbox have RGH/JTAG?

@RazaaK No it does not. I just bought it off ebay and it is stock with a 250gb hard drive. My USB is a sandisk 32gb

@BT_GamesMod You **will not be able to run Horizon with a “locked” xbox. Only xbox with JTAG/RGH can use Horizon, Mods and other things to “edit” your game.

A MODERATOR will explain this better to you, but in resume you can’t run Horizon without JTAG/RGH.

@AussiePixelBit @Chris @Ravenfyre ← You can message them to help you with the explanation, but I advice you to look for tutorials on this section: Horizon - Xbox - WeMod Community

Best Regards.

@RazaaK Oh. Nothing else I’ve seen says I have to have RGH/JTAG. That sucks. At least some of it works.

Just so you know I’m not trying to mod saves I’m trying to copy dlc and delisted games to my Xbox. Custom themes and Gamerpics work

@BT_GamesMod In that case you won’t be able. Copy DLCs to your xbox is something near to a pirate game (talking about entering external data into the console), so it depends on JTAG/RGH.

@RazaaK Not even with a free game!? I have a free delisted game I copied to my USB and the console let me copy but sadly I can’t play it! It must be something to do with licences.

It’s what I’m saying to you @BT_GamesMod.

A delisted game copied through USB is a PIRATE game. To play pirate games you need to have JTAG/RGH on your xbox, you can google it to see what it does!

If your xbox doesn’t have JTAG/RGH, external data (games, programs, mods) will not work. You will only be allowed to play Original Games (physical copies/xbox store digital medias).

Best Regards.

ok @RazaaK :sob: :sob:

@RazaaK How?


The same thing happens to me, when I inject xbla arcade games and then try to play them, they appear on the xbox and then disappear and only one remains. I don’t have rgh/jtag, but why do all the games disappear except one?