Hello, I'm kind of new to this

Hello there I’m liking this app. I been using it for a long while now thou, I have not used the site much. I will say I love using WeMod cause of some games I like cheating at to have fun and get past parts in a game to get through the story. Yet I would like to know, where could I request a trainer for a game I just got into? I have yet to find any cheats made for this one game called Sun Haven.

WeMod detects the amount of players playing it and moves it onto the queue automatically after some time. You cant request games since making a trainer for every game would be too time consuming

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Here’s how trainers get made or updated, quote from another post elsewhere:

Sun Haven looks like it is a multiplayer game, if that’s the case then a trainer will never exist, because trainers are only for offline, solo game modes (for technical, moral and legal reasons).

What are your top five favourite games of all time? :slight_smile:

my most favorite right now is Monster Hunter Stories 2, Monster hunter World, some of the resident evil sires and right now I been playing single player mode in Sun Haven it has a multi and a solo mode

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