Hello! Im New Here

:slight_smile: Hi everyone ! I am new to this site and what I have read so far, it looks like Horizon is pretty cool ! I’ll skip the small talk and get straight to it ! Im a faithful GTA V online player ! I loveee it ! Does anyone know any legit mod menus ? Do you know if they come with rp and money options ? Or do you know any modders ? Please let me know ! I am on xbox360 ! You can add me if you like ! I hope to hear from someone asap ! (and please dont be rude or negative… only comment if you can help me!) Thanks in advance !

Welcome to the site! You will need a jtag/rgh if you want to mod gta 5 online yourself. There are some people offering paid services (on other sites) that requires you to give out your xbox live login information and then they will add money for you. An alternative would be something like a money drop lobby.

risks: Getting your account (and possible your credit card info as well) stolen. And you can get banned if you get caught by rockstar or microsoft. Just be smart.

Maybe InstinctMods or Troy will host another GTAV money service. Haven’t been banned or reset in like a year.

Anyways, welcome to HMB!

Thanks to both of you ? Do ya’ll know any more info ?

I know the tech game hosts GTA lobbies pretty much daily.