Hello, I'm Sanchez17!

I’ve just came from TTG as I was apparently “Ban Evading”. I did absolutely nothing wrong I was a gold member and I was host a advance warfare account giveaway, but never mind. Only just realised the two websites are owned by the same person lol. If I don’t get banned you’ll probably see me around as I like gaming forums. Peace!

Hi Sanchez. Sorry to hear you’ve been banned from TTG, although I’m sure you’ll like it just as much, if not more here. Also just to clarify this site doesn’t share owners with TTG however I think this was the case in past so perhaps that is where you got the idea. If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask around, I’m sure no one will mind helping.

So doesn’t sean own this website lad? I’m going to look like a quilt now as I’ve posted in ask the staff lol. Nice to see a fellow scouser on the site! I’ve just noticed there’s no fifa forum on here though?

Welcome to HorizionMB Sanchez!

Cheater912 is the owner of this great site. Go Here to view a list of all staff members, developers etc…

Hi and welcome. No Sean doesn’t, Cheater912 owns the site. No dedicated fifa section but you can just use the Xbox One Hot Games section or the Other games section.

He did ages ago but to be honest it didn’t seem like he was ever on here, Cheater912 is the owner now but it always seemed like he was anyway.

And nah no fifa section at the moment although a fair few people here play it so if you just post in one of the xbox general forums or hot games then you should be alright.

Welcome to the site man! Follow those rules :smile: