Hello, Thank you and a question or two

Been using Wemod for a while now. Started with Phasmaphobia since none of my friends at the time wanted to play and I was flying solo. Trainer helped me slowly work through my very real fears and I was soon able to play the game normally (along with finally getting a couple friends addicted.)

I found WeMod by accident and it has become invaluable for more reasons I can list. I can revisit games I shelved because I hit walls I just could not overcome which has opened up a huge amount of my game library on Steam now.

The only thing I wish WeMod had was a different kind of “suggestion box” to create cheats. There are games I love - older, but still viable - and I find myself stuck once more. I have no idea how many other people feel the same way about these games with the new system.

Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2 are a good example. I could see with the old system that people were interested. I’ve been stuck on the same area for so many months I’ve shelved the game out of frustration.

Also, can one make requests to existing trainers?


I was playing Subnautica and while you can have infinite health to avoid damage - your vehicles do not. (Having one’s Prawn suit destroyed when you’re 1400 meters down running from a Sea Dragon is not fun.)

In Rage 2, being able to instantly win/skip the mandatory mini game race. (The driving controls are terrible.) I had to get some one else’s save file just to be able to advance the story line.

Other than a few questions like the above - I do love WeMod and it was definitely worth going Pro. Thank you, and keep up the great work!

Theres no way, i share your sentiment regarding trainers for older games, but i can understand why wemod focouses on the most popular ones.

A trainer that has like 2k people requesting it, has higher chances to get more people to buy premium, which is perfectly fine since its alot of work. With the backlog wemod has regarding trainers, since they cover such a broad spectrum of games, its not really viable to update trainers that only 5-10 people will use, in this case, i can only suggest trying to find other trainers on the internet, since chances are, someone who knows what he is doing, wanted to create a trainer for himself and just shared it cuz he is nice.

That being said, Vegas are VERY old, and wasn OLD even when wemod released, AFAIK theres working trainers out there as i used one a couple years ago before wemod existed, and im fairly certain that the game hasnt updated since then.