Hello, wemod advice for new subscription

hello i am new on wemod, i enjoy everything about this service and would like to support it. my problem is with the monthly subscription, is a bit out of my price range as being a student and gaming is the only thing i do.
Eat sleep, school, work, and games,working out only time i have to myself really. but is there anyway to modify or help players who want a affordable plan? or life time subscription or bundles? yearly or extension bonus?

i would like to hear everyone thoughts, i am planning on upgrading but my budget alone is tight already…

Buying a full year is cheaper if you concider the per-month cost. They are working on more perks for pro users so it wouldn’t make much sense to make pro even cheaper.

We do not offer discounted rates outside of the yearly subscription price which is heavily discounted from the monthly.

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Hi @chronoxx377, I understand your dilemma. I live on a very fixed budget myself, and debated about going Pro. Nonetheless, I wanted to support development, as WeMod is an amazing tool, and the developers put a lot of hard work into it, and take great pride in their creation. In addition, it is a great community as a whole.

That being stated, I agree with the others that buying a year is worth it. My suggestion would be to do what I did, rearrange your budget a bit to cover the cost. Go over your budget and cut out a couple of “luxuries” for a month or two, just enough to cover the Pro cost. Though sometimes things seem like a “must have”, with some thought one realizes they can “go without” for a bit.

Personally, I waffled for a week or two, then realized I could cut out a couple of costs for a month, and be able to afford Pro. I will say without a doubt, I have no regrets. I don’t think you will either. As @Chris said, the yearly membership is heavily discounted, and very much worth it.

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