App Horizon

Hello wemod and wemodusers


hi everyone, i’m Arnica an “old” player on PC
i don’t want to tell my age but i’m not so young :blush:
i’m new on wemod and thinking this is a very interesting prog.
i found wemod by searching some “help” to finish a game
it seem to have a lots of game and lots to come so … :grin:


Welcome Arnica! Thanks for joining WeMod!

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.


Hello Arnica, another old timer here. Age wise, not to wemod, but I love the app and I’m sure you will too.



The way you talk I suspect you might be older than I am, but my kids are old enough to start playing PC games…which MAN, makes the years I spent on my PS1 feel very long ago!!

Glad you are keeping the flame of gaming alive!!!


Ah, the PS1… Played many a game on that. Loved the Spyro series. I mentioned it elsewhere, but I started gaming on PONG and moved up to an Atari 2600. That should give you an idea of my age.


Spyro and then later the Crash Bandicoot series were my favorates back then. My first interaction with gaming was on my friend’s Sega Genesis, only later did we get a Playstation. So yeah, a few generations after you.

PONG you say!? I had to go look that up! Good grief what a way gaming has come.