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Hello Wemod's - I Need Your Help!

Hello everyone, So I’m new here and im going to upgrade to diamond soon,

But first I need help on what steps I should do so I can mod my Xbox360 games achievements and unlock it to appear on my Xbox One X account, I use MacBook Pro and I own Xbox One X with a lot of Xbox360 games I also have a 8Tb USB,I just need a safe way and a perfect guide step by step of what I should do so I can take control of the diamond Wemod horizon so I can unlock my Xbox360 achievements on my Xbox One account btw I’m an achievement hunter so happy hunting to all :slightly_smiling_face:

Unless you have an Xbox 360 it will not be possible to mod the achievements.

I do have my old xbox360 haven’t plugged it in a while but I do have one.

If it still works then it is straight forward. Recover the account on the 360, move it to a usb, mod it using horizon, sign in on the 360 and give it time to sync the achievements.

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Sounds great! Thanks for the heads up, Would definitely give it a shot. ^^