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Hello World!


BeyNight, or oirambale96 which is my old username for online games.
Here’s my Steam if you want to add me: oirambale96 / BeyNight

Gaming Platform(s):
Mostly on PC, but I also play Mario Kart on the Wii, and some games on 3DS and PSP.

I play Rocket League a lot! But I’m also really attached by the Danganronpa series, as well as the Ace Attorney, Disgaea, Shin Megami Tensei, Pokemon, Prof. Layton,… series. And I love racing or driving games as well!

Past modding experience:
I’m pretty experienced with Cheat Engine, I’ve used it for a long time now on way too many games. I also started creating some Pokemon hack roms for Nintendo DS and Game Boy but I didn’t have time to finish any of them.

Videogames, Watching anime, Programming (studying to learn about AI), Playing soccer, Going out with friends, Chatting, Reading books, etc.

Why you joined / Where you heard of us:
I got Disgaea 2 for PC recently and I looked for a trainer online that could help get things extra interesting, and so I came uppon this community and I love it so far and wanted to introduce a little about myself.

Hope we can be friends and have a great day!


Welcome to wemod. Lotta nice people here. If you have amy questions just ask
We are all a bunch of cheaters here


Thanks for the welcoming message!


welcome to the community BeyNight!



Thanks :slight_smile:


Ayoo :+1: