Hello XBMB

Hello Fellow XboxMB Community,

I am moddinggamer iv’e been here for a little while use to not get as much respect but i’ve believe iv’e gotten a little more better with my stupidy and harrassness of other people.
This isn’t really a gretting type of letter im writing here. But i just wanted to say sorry for all the damage iv’e done on here on this fourm/community and hating on the people that were just trying to help.

I really am a good person i risked my computer but managed to take out the trojan
made by Ibegforu…

"He made a tool so called Codbo 15th mod tool… Right everyone was going crazy well guess what… it was a tool a tool to get into you credit card number’s that u enter into any website… look at the very bottom … of this image.

This is a legitmately basterd move but guess what i think infamus took care of the desruptive personal off this site…

Thanks for the quick action made by him . Everyone else’s computer is SAFE…

Thanks again… Xboxmb for allowing to be apart of this community.

It’s XMB, and as for as far as I know you didn’t do any damage :confused:
Trolling is an art, ask Thizzkid

lol ive seen some of your posts most helpful what have you done to upset/cause damage?

And welcome to the site and thank you for taking care of that pesky little noob who posted that virus. We need more people like you. Thanks.

Sandboxie much? You need it: Sandboxie - Sandbox software for application isolation and secure Web browsing

And really did you honestly think it might be legitimate? It wasn’t a very smart move. Gotta protect yourself, next time it could be crypted and binded, and then you’ll never notice as it steals all your passwords.

When all is said an done, thanks for taking one for the team.

I dont recall asking for corrections … But whatever floats yo boat.

Keep it a comming i feel more hate comments comming my way.

WTF… It wont let me thank you… WTF

Edit… Nevermind i got ya… Thanks for thanks

dont open programs then o_0

Welcome to the site
Ive seen your posts and your a helpful member.
You should download Microsoft Security Essentials To Make Sure Your Computer Is Always Safe.

Is this there a way u could help me out their buddie.:thumbsup:


lol cod bo 15th mod tool the name alone should have givin it away that it was a virus


Well the funny part is i try in test everything that way people do not have to get viruses on their computer i’ll risk my **** to protect this community. I already knew from the start it was a dud. So thanks for the comment i knew it way before i even downloaded just figure i’ll tell them don’t download it … by the time my virus scan found the fraud.backdoor trojan infamus had it CLOSED.

So thanks for speaking your mind.

Welcome to Xboxmb! Enjoy your stay, stay active! If you have any questions ask any of us! :smile: