Help borderlands


Hello does any of you guys know were i can get free borderlands dlc from no survey of signing up?

If so please post

Thank you


Steve hooked you up thanks man.

You can get it here

Thank you so much

You can get Borderlands 1 DRM free DLC content from Here

You will need 7zip to rebuild the files. Get it Here

[i][/i]Thank you I was look for how to open them and all[b][/b]


[/u]Also can you show me how to use it because it wont let me open the files[b]

I haven’t done it in a while but I think you open 7zip and locate the first file part of the DLC you want to rebuild and choose a location where it will be sent to, I just had it sent to my desktop.

Okay ive done some but it seems The secret armory of general knoxxx is just corrupted?

Oh never mind I accidentally corrupted it, its okay now ive done it

It shouldn’t be. I used those same files and they all worked for me.