Help cant buy pro version

Hi im new here im also from belgium so my english isnt the best hehe, but i rlly want the pro version but i dont have mastercard only bancontact or paypal saldo sadly this is not a way i can buy it any info or will this be added in the future?

Welcome to the community and thank you for your interest in going Pro.

PayPal is an option on the Pro billing webpage:, and in the software itself.
You just need to click the PayPal tab, then the Subscribe Now button. And then PayPal should pop open and guide you through the rest of the confirmation steps.

I believe you need a card or bank account attached to your PayPal account before PayPay allows you to purchase subscriptions through them, as a financial security measure for PayPal should your PayPal account funds hit zero for any reason. :slight_smile:

Ty for the repply but yh like only mastercards or cards that i dont have so thats the sad part :frowning:

If you try to sign up through the WeMod desktop app, there are more payment options that we accept, like ApplePay and GooglePay.


oh i wow i have 10 euros now on my apple saldo and it still wants me to enter a card jesus! =(

With apple pay, are you not seeing the apple icon above the card details form?

Like this?

Nope i dont have that option…