Help can't run infinity

Help can’t run when i do setup it says contact devs with a log life

Can you send a Screenshot of what exactly happens please?
also try this to clear your cache and try again may be corrupted cache: - ICDV2.bat -

Adding to N1ce solution, Setup means you can´t install it then?

Download from that link, and then try again.

ok i got setup done but now it says on enter the gungeon that i need to keep clicking start game

Do you get an error code ? also steam or cracked version?


i have the steam game

Okay do this, with infinity in focus press ctrl+shift+d then click on console tab. Try to start game from infinity and see what errors pop up in console. Paste them here


that’s the code i think

Last win32 error?


i don’t think i replied to you so yes that is the last

That is an access denied error. You aren’t using bitdefender antivirus ? seems like your antivirus is blocking infinity from injecting or something else. Try adding infinity to its exception list/disable it and also run infinity as admin.

how, exactly?

How to add it to your antivirus exception ? how what?

to add an exception

I don’t use any antiviruses so have no idea. It’s probably in its settings somewhere, which AV are you using ?

zonealarm and malewarebytes

Isn’t there an option in its settings about exception or exception list or similar?. There you can pick up infinity’s install folder (C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Roaming\Daring Development\Infinity). I can’t help with this more, your AV vendor can however and if you paid for any of those, you should demand an answer from them.

One of those AVs is causing issues, it makes sense now why the install wasn’t working properly. Antiviruses are known to interfere with trainers and cause false positives.

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