Help! cant use horizon

Horizon was working fine last night but now when I try and open it, It says Failed to connect to server PLEASE HELP I AM PAYING FOR THIS!!!

It’s most likely your AV or Firewall blocking the connection. Make an exception for Horizon in them and then try opening it.

Then uninstall horizon and do a fresh install. See if that fixes it.


Uninstall again and follow Chris’s instructions below and see if that fixes it.

Nope still not working comes up with same error

Do you have Skype so I can show you tomorrow???




@Chris Help??

@unknown_v2 Help???

@SteveWonda Help???

I wish I had all the answers, but unfortunately I don’t. After the last time Horizon did connect to the server did you make any changes to your PC or install any new programs or modding apps? If so, you might want to try uninstalling them.

Give it some more time and I’m sure some other members will have some suggestions.

Okay well I am trying everything but it’s not working :disappointed_relieved: I may have to reinstall windows but i’ll have to wait a week for that… :(…

@SteveWonda Do you have Skype as I have a pc on Windows 10 and I want to download horizon on it but I am having a little trouble with it

I sent you a link. Check your messages.

@SteveWonda Still not working do you have skype so I can show you???

I don’t.

@sNaKe any suggestions?

not really :confused: . It’s weird when a program randomly malfunctions and it can be extremely difficult to troubleshoot. Re-installing the OS should solve this.

@UltraAceGaming have you tried running horizon as an administrator?