HELP! crysis 2

Im on the part at central station and you have to defeat that big ass alien thinger, where you run around with a jaw and c4 and have to blow it up, after you blow it up its says, Rejoin Chino at Central Station: Regroup at vehicles. I go up to the vehicles and the guy is marked and it wont do anything, like WTF!?

If I’m understanding this correctly… The same sort of thing happened to me on Homefront. It’s like something didn’t load properly. I had to restart from checkpoint.

yeah. but iv restarted it like 4 or 5 times now.

Just restart from a last checkpoint and the matter should be set straight.

redo mission, same thing has happend to me on WAW although WAW is sh!t lol

Is there something that you’ve missed out on doing? If you’re not certain that you’ve done everything needed, I’d look at a video walkthrough on Youtube.

i did already /:

Iv’e had this happen to me too before on other games. You need to restart the mission, somthing ****ed up when loading so a simple restart from checkpoint won’t fix it. It needs to have everything reloaded i’m afffraid. Also make sure you have completed everything. There might be secondary objectives? Not played crysis 2 yet but might be somthing like that?
If it happens to you again after restarting again and you’ve done everything upto the point where you find the problem then it might be a bug.

try getting into the car.

tryingg, hopfully it helps/

thank you so freaking much ! <333333333333

So how do you restart the mission?
Figured out how to replay a mission but what if it does it again?