Help!: Download Horizon On A SLIM

How Do I Do That?

You don’t download Horizon on a slim 360 or any model 360. You download it to your PC and mod your game saves & profile with it. You simply need to format a USB drive for Xbox 360 storage on your 360 and then move game saves or your profile to it for modding on your PC with the Horizon program.

If you need more help just ask.

If you’re having trouble downloading Horizion, get it here:

Um, i registered for horizon and went to download it i clicked the button and it said malware detected wtf guys?!

That can happen sometimes. It’s completely safe. Use the link below to Download Horizon and you’ll have no issues.

Download Horizon:

Yea, especially if you’re using Avast or McAfee… I’ve read a lot of issues related to that. Something to do with overzealous database of “malware”. Probably says Horizon is malware because it’s a Mod/Rehash/Resigning tool… possibly.

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How about downloading it for a Mac?

horizon is a windows only application. You will need to install a VM or something like that.


yes indeed