Help dragon ball xenoverse 2

Hi my name isGodual,I need help could you help me please the thing is I’m new to infinity and that’s why I need help ok here is the thing I need help with,I have steam and I bought dragon ball xenoverse 2 and I try to do the cheats that you have in the infinity but they didn’t work could you please …

Dragon Ball Xenoverse has added EAC. Because of that Infinity is not working anymore. Get a version before they added EAC and you can use it

Thanks for the help but I don’t know how to download a previous version of the game could u help on that? If u don’t mind

Torrent site.

All you have to do is open infinity, then click xenoverse 2 and open the file where it is. Then go to the EAC folder, open it, then drag the 64bit file to the desktop. Then run the game.

tried that doesn’t work, even tried launching in offline mode