Help Finding Legitimate Digital Downloads

Hello, everyone. I’m wondering if anyone can help me find somewhere that I can buy legitimate digital copies of “old” games, preferably DRM-Free. I don’t download illegitimate versions of games if they are still available to buy somewhere, and am having difficulty with finding a few in particular. I’ve tried GOG, GMG, Steam, Origin, Microsoft… Most, if not all, of the more widely known distributors. Here are the games I am looking for at the moment (that I can remember):

Black & White 1 and 2
Zoo Tycoon 1 and 2
Champions of Norrath
SimCity 3000 Unlimited
Fable 2

I’ll be adding more as I remember them, and taking them down as I find out more information. I thank any of you for whatever help you might give me.

If they are not in Origin, Steam, GoG or Uplay, then check amazon or ebay.

If they are not in the first 4 i mentioned, so best legitimate option is a torrent, since microsoft first games platform is quite dead

These games are old to you!!!

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve tried looking on Amazon, but I don’t like buying used games, or buying from re-sellers, since the devs don’t see a penny of it. The only time I torrent a game is if a working copy of the game is not available for purchase, but I’ll keep that in mind.

Also, I understand what you mean about Microsoft. Halo 2 is infamous for not working, even legitimate copies, since GFWL was killed.

I’m still trying to find a copy of dungeon keeper that runs on win7+…

I’m not sure what you mean, but I did put “old” in quotations for a reason.

sigh The youth these days don’t even get my humour…

GOG sells Dungeon Keeper (1 & 2) that will work on Win 7. You need to use DosBox to play it, though. At least I did when I played it.

Thanks babez

Yeah i think you’re SOL finding legit GWFL games. Some of them had GWFL removed and released on steam like GTA IV but the older titles are gone. You can torrent them freely though

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Damn. I was worried about that. I guess I’ll have to clear them out of the list.

Well buying old games surely dont help the devs, buying new games straight out the boat do, since the dev teams are now defunct, “and so royalties pass to the rights holder rather than the individual creators, wherever they landed up.” (rarelly, extreme rarity is when a dev gets money from a old game)

You can check this article that gives some light:

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That was something I had pondered before. I’d assumed that publishers received the bulk of the revenue, but had wondered about developers after being closed down. I’d rather buy the game from the publisher, but they don’t give us much of a choice when they no longer sell them anywhere.

It reminds me of Nintendo, and all of the DMCA takedowns they issue on ROM sites. They have the legal right to do so, but they aren’t willing to sell those games. They’re basically officially erasing those games from history by doing that. If a publisher offered the service of buying their old games digitally, even buying the ROM versions to be played on an emulator, I would gladly pay for them. That’s something I would like to see: a digital distribution platform for games that are no longer available on the open market or in a retail environment.

That was a bit off-topic, but still related

You made a point that i didn’t thought before, probably Nintendo has some guys in charge of legal problems and they win their bread doing DMCA in times without trials :stuck_out_tongue:

THQ is back as THQ nordic and is reviving games like crazy like GSC , most of the games you mentioned were GWFL so you gotta light a candle in name of Bill Gates so he allows the sell of them again.

That’s unfortunate. I doubt that anything would make them start selling these games again. I’m not sure that I understand why it’s such an issue for them to keep them on the market, though. It’s not exactly going to bring a lot of revenue, not like current titles will, but it wouldn’t cost them much of anything, if anything at all, to make them available. Especially considering hackers have done most of the work for them, in getting the games to work on newer systems.

Eh, either way, it’s not likely to happen.

Well it would cost them. Servers and all that just to keep games alive that no one buys? They would loose more then they gain that’s way they take them off market.

Not “no one”, but I get your point. I’m not savvy on how expensive it can be to run a server, but I doubt enough people would be buying those games to warrant the cost. Still, there are other distributors that would be interested in hosting them. GOG and GMG, for instance. They carry a lot of games that no one else does. The publishers would get a cut of the revenue, and wouldn’t need to worry about their servers.

You took a turn in Wishful Thinking Avenue :smile: , but i agree that would be awesome indeed.

Oh, I know. It’s my favorite street. Lots of glorious things down that road.

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