Help Horizon doesnt work!

Im trying to download horizon but when it has finished the download it just comes up with a new Horizon Setup Please help I wanna use horizon :frowning:

You need to run the setup to install Horizon. If it’s not wanting to install try right clicking on it, go to properties and look for the Unblock option near the bottom, click it and apply the changes. Now try running the setup installer.

Should I do it on the first one like this:
Got to desktop
Click on it
Right click on it
Like that?

Right click on it and go to properties. If you see an Unblock option go ahead and unblock it.

Sorry where is it because I cant find it

Can’t find what?

The unblock thing you talked about

Please answer because I really want to know

If you went into properties and didn’t see it then it’s not blocked. What happens when you try installing Horizon?

Nothing happens it says
To start wizard installation
Then downloading
Then you have finished the download please close the window
And then it adds another Horizon Setup()

But when I try to uninstall them my computer does’nt allow me

Are you downloading Horizon from this site? You say that you’re trying to uninstall it, so is it installing? I’m a bit confused.

Also, give us some more info about your computer. What OS do you have and what AV are you using?

Yes I am downloading it from this site
It is kindve installing but the actual Horizon isnt appearing
Im not sure what the OS or AV is but my laptop is Windows 8 and a Lenevo

Windows 8 is you OS(operating System)

AV is your Anti Virus software. Try disabling your AV during the install. Is it creating a desktop icon when you try installing it?

Oh my AV is AVG protection
Whenever I try to download it I do disable it
It does not make an icon on my desktop

Keep it disabled during the download and install. If it installs correctly then go into AVG and add an exception for Horizon. Then go ahead and turn AVG back on. Try that.

It now stops me from downloading when I click on it and nothing appears

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Actually what is happening is Avg and Horizon is hating each other.

Download Horizon with avg disabled. Then on the download, left click the download on chrome or internet. Gives option to open up containing folder. Click it. Run horizon set-up. Finish it. Go back to folder, should have horizon setup numero 1. Click it and hit uninstall. Then click the same setup and hit install. You are now done. Enjoy.

I have to do this every time when downloading horizon, not sure if horizon modders intended for it or if its a bug, but anyway that is how I do it.

I still don’t know why you guys avoid using a real downloader, but oh well.

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