Help horizon

Hi, I’m new, sorry if I do not understand very well because I do not speak English and am using a translator, just met Horizon and do not really know what it is, I talked you can download games with a computer, with horizon and a uSB, but as use horizon? You can download xbox 360 games for free with horizon? I need to download and as I do? the horizon that I talk about me told me I could spend a usb games to an Xbox 360 :worried:

No you cannot download games for free with Horizon. We do not support piracy and without a modded console you couldn’t play them.

The game adder only adds the .gpd file so that you can unlock achievements for games you don’t own.

The only games you can add and play via Horizon are titles without DRM protection.

See this post for more information on DRM-free titles: