[HELP] How to approach modding in general?

Please bear with me, especially if you are an experienced modder.

1st off, is there somewhere a tool for Shadowrun 2007? I couldn’t find one at all.
2nd. How do I actually get more knowledge about modding?

All I’ve used so far is:

- Horizon
- GPD Tools
- HxDde (opening save and GPD files and changing values)

I actually want to learn how to mod Shadowrun propperly. I want to change values for total wins and wins for specific races as these are all tied to achievements, where you have to either win or play 100 games. Problem is, there is absolutely no in-game tracker on how many games I have actually won. I also just don’t know if modding this would be possible at all?

My approach was extracting my current GPD file and save it to my PC. Then I played 1 game of Shadowrun and extracted the GPD file again. I opened them both in HxDde and saved them to a txt file, which I then both opened in Notepad++ to use it with the Compare PlugIn to see what values changed in the before and after versions. Notepad++ is showing me exactly what parts of the Hexadecimal Strings have changed and I could actually confirm 1 value that was changed and that was the value for total amount of rounds which I don’t need at all. However, I can’t find any other values for the things I actually need.

My questions are:

How do I actually find the value that is responsible for 100 wins in general?
How do I find the values that are responsible for playing as each race 100 times?

Whatever the values are for those, I couldn’t find them based on that 1 additional round where I won a match in general and played as a specific race. To my knowledge, there have to be multiple Hex-blocks (pairs of 8), where the value doesn’t exceed 100 (Decimal) meaning a block that looks like 00 00 00 xx and doesn’t exceed 00 00 00 64 in Hexadecimal. However, my Compare Tool is not showing any Hexadecimal value that were changed in the 0-100 Decimal range. Every other value that was changed in the before and after test, starts with either Numbers or Letters meaning that the Hexadecimal to Decimal conversion would give you huge Decimal Numbers.

What am I missing here and what do I do next? How can I find the values that I actually need, if there is no in-game or external tracker? Is it even possible?

Thanks for reading and I hope it is understandable. If not, I will do my best to answer any questions.

PS: If there is actually a tool for this, it would basically solve all my problems.

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