HELP: How To AutoBoot into FreeStyle Dash 2.0 Alpha Update 1.2?

Hey guys i just got my Jtag. Im using FTP for transfering files. I just want to know how do I auroboot into freestyle dash 2.0 alpha update 1.2! Please help! thank you!

idfk lol

Download the Auto-Boot ISO that fits the location of your FreeStyle Dash, USB or HDD.
Burn the ISO to a normal CD-R, NOT a DVD or Dual Layer DVD, just a CD-R.
Make sure your FreeStyle Dash XeX is set up in this location…





Go to your XBOX 360 settings, and make sure you have “Launch Disc On Start Up” turned on.
Insert the Auto-Boot Disc into your CD Tray.
Enjoy booting FreeStyle Dash 2.0 on Start Up!


You have to patch your jtag like when you do the dashlaunch patch , im pretty sure im not talkin out my bum

i dont want to do it like that with no cd-r! is there a way i can do it directly off the hdd? with no cd? like i turn on my jtag, no cd is in, and boots direclty to fsd?

Then don’t post.

infamous could you help?

Don’t worry I don’t forget about people that quickly.
I am currently researching more into it since I don’t remember every detail.
I will get back to you as soon as possible. Hold tight.

kk thank you!
btw: some info, i am using the latest freeboot, latest fsd, and i think it has something to do with dash launch and i have latest of that too!

i thought jtags got patched today?

never mind infamous all i did was download dash launch, install that then placed the launch.ini in the root! thanks anyways!

do you even own a jtag?

dash launch for a start and take it from there by reading the tut that comes with it

Orrr just edit the launch file…