Help i cant update Horizon

Hey guys i need help updating horizon. So i double click it from the desktop screen and it says i have to update it or use horizon in offline mode so i click yes update and it takes me to a blank firefox page and starts downloading “Horizon.Setup.v2.8.0.1.exe” and after it is downloaded i click on the file and click open but nothing happens, i can do that a million times but nothing happens, so i open horizon but the same message comes up saying i need to update horizon, please help.

Try this, uninstall Horizon from your computer and download the latest version from the link below and try installing again. If that does not help post back and we will try a few more possible fixes. Good luck.
Download Horizon

Ok so i uninstalled horizon then download the file and then once its downloaded i double click the file but again nothing happens, i even disabled my antivirus just encase that was the problem but nope still wont open the file.