Help i need a cod black ops zombies mod menu

The mod menu i need will have to use a USB and must be a savegame.svg
the last mod i got for zombies keeps deleting, it’s a gpd.
so i need a svg mod menu for cod zombies, thank you :smile:

so far I got directions for a svg mod menu and I didn’t work, this one was for W.A.W. So I need a mod that will save on the game so I don’t have to keep going on the computer every 5 minutes, and no gpd’s because thats what’s been causing the constant reload of mods

Did you delete all your title updates before doing anything? You ain’t going online without a modified console, so assuming this is for offline use, you need to delete all the title updates so all the patched USB mods become unpatched while you’re offline.

The funny thing is, I don’t have a title update

Then it’s possible that a system update for the console has patched it. I’m not 100% sure though if this is the case.

weird, thought every “non-jtag/rgh” mod menu worked.

Getting a mod menu for WaW or BO is not hard, you just have to pick one that works (or create one which is my preference), delete all your title updates, disconnect from Xbox Live, and do the proper procedure to load the menu. There are tons of videos on YouTube describing exactly how it can be done. In fact, it’s so well documented and well known that there is a website that you can use to make your own (semi-crappy) version of a menu found here.

@ZzsNaKezZ, this message isn’t really directed towards you but more so towards the OP :smile: