Help! I picked the wrong folder!

Infinity did not detect MW Remastered for some reason, so I manually redirected it to the folder. But apparently I redirected it to the multiplayer folder. How do I change the folder?

Just check the main Game’s installation path and folder, where the Single player .EXE might be located, for example like this,

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered (players2). The name of the exe should be h1_sp64_ship, depending on the platform, IMO.

Wait, so there is a sub folder in the MW Remastered that is dedicated to campaign/singleplayer? Let me check.

I don’t think there should be any sub folder for the campaign, but I don’t have the game installed on my RIG, so I can’t fully confirm this, but try to manually direct Infinity to the folder in which the game’s single player executable file is located, h1_sp64_ship.

If I were to pick the wrong folder again, is there a way for me to change the folder? I had to reinstall the game last time…

Again, doesn’t work :frowning: I selected the MW Remastered folder, which contains the exe for both campaign and mutliplayer, and it just says “steam must be running to work”… How do I change installation path and where should I change it to?

I think you DON’T have to change the installation path anymore, since you redirected Infinity to the proper folder, IMO.

It looks like either INFINITY tool, or the specific trainer for this game is unable to launch/detect the game.

Give this a try:

Try to attach and run the INFINITY app, after you have started the game, once a campaign Mission level has been fully loaded. Launch the game via STEAM.

After that, just ALT+TAB back to your desktop and start Infinity. Click on the START GAME button to switch back to the game.

Infinity doesn’t have an error like that. Are you trying to use the trainer on multiplayer?

If not, just do what @Nick_666 suggested above.