Help! I'm trying to download WeMod, but I get an error no matter what I do!

Okay, I found out about this at my friend’s place when he used it on Far Cry 5, and I was amazed. A day later, I decided why not get it for myself, what could go wrong? I go to the website and try to download it, and after I try to install it, I get an error that says ‘Failed to install the .NET Framework, try installing the latest version manually.’. Even when I did a bit of research and downloaded it manually, I got the same error. I’ve tried around twenty times now, and every time didn’t work. I was getting the same error, no matter what.

You need to update windows if you get the error even when using the MS installed.

I have the latest version of Windows 10, and it still won’t download.

You will need to contact MS then because there is nothing we can do about .net framework failing to install.